Payable Service & Charges



Sr. No. Service/Complaint Category Proposed Rates (Excl. GST)


Material/Service Cost Applicable Visit Charges
1 Flame Problem (after 15 days from NG conversion) Servicing of Gas Stove- Rs. 200/- NIL
2 New Stove Conversion to PNG No. of burners x 60 NIL
3 NG Conversion request after 30 days of RFC – consented customer case NIL Rs. 150/-
4 Removal of Pipe – Modificaiton/Permanent Disconnection GI Pipe removal Rs./mtrs.(1/2″)= Rs. 60/-


Rs. 150/-
GI Pipe Removal Rs./mtrs.(3/4″)= Rs. 70/-
Copper Pipe/mtrs.= Rs. 70/-
5 Reconnection of GI Pipes (A) Reconnection 1/2″ & 3/4″ -Rs. 250/meter NIL
(B) In case of modification in PNG requires new material (Rates will be applicable as mentioned in Sr. No. 6)  
6 New material cost in case of Modification/New Connection (beyond free limit) GI Pipe/mtrs.(1/2″)= Rs. 400/- NIL
GI Pipe/mtrs.(3/4″)= Rs. 450/-
Cu Pipe/mtrs.= Rs.200/-
7 Replacement /Installation of Material if required Isolation Valve 1/2″= Rs. 130/- Rs. 150/-
Appliance Valve 1/2″ = Rs. 130/-
Anaconda (SS316) Rs. 175/-
Surakha Hose Rubber Rs.100/-
GI/Copper Fitting Rs. 100/Fitting
8 20 mm MDPE Pipeline Laying/Shifting Rs. 350/- (Per mtrs Material charges and laying charges) NIL
32 mm MDPE Pipeline Laying/Shifting Rs. 375/- (Per mtrs Material charges and laying charges) NIL
TF: 20mm to 1/2 “ Rs. 250/- (Per Nos) NIL
TF: 32mm to 1 “ Rs. 350/- (Per Nos)  
TF: 32mm to 3/4 “ Rs. 350/- (Per Nos)
9 Damage/Unauthorized alteration) to above ground piping Repair Charges (As mentioned in Sr. No.-5,6, 10 and 11) Rs. 150/-
10 Damage/Unauthorized alteration) to above ground piping Repair Charges (As mentioned in Sr. No.-5,6, 10 and 11) Rs. 150/-
11 Replacement of regulator (If tampered/external damaged by customer/missing) Rs.1800 (4 Bar to 21 MBar)/ Rs.600 (100 to 21 Mbar) Rs. 150/-
12 Reconversion to LPG Rs. 60 per burner Rs. 150/-
13 Ownership Transfer Charges (Except Death) Rs. 250 per transfer NIL
14 Cheque Bounce Charges Rs. 250/incident NIL
15 Temporary Disconnection (Personal Reason) – Non dismanting of GI/CU installation Rs.01/day be billed (after 6 months from date of disconnection) Rs. 150/-
Reconnection of Temporary Disconnection cases – Non dismantling of GI case NIL Rs. 150/-
16 Geyser Point / Extra Point in same Kitchen Rs. 1500/- for length upto 03 meters GI length, additional GI installaed @ Rs. 400/Mete 150
Not Feasible / Refusal
17 Charges against Painting of GI Pipe by customer Painting charges are as follows on per meter of length basis: NIL
i. GI Pipes 1/2″ – Rs. 25/- per meter
ii. GI Pipes 3/4″- Rs. 25/- per meter
iii. GI Pipes 1″- Rs. 30/- per meter
iv. GI Pipes above 1″ – Rs. 45/- per meter
18 Improper PNG Installation – GI & Copper (if customer complaining regarding improper installation after RFC/NG) After RFC & signing of customer, Rates as per the modification charges against Sl. No. 4 & 5 will be applicable NIL
19 Minimum Billing Rs.1/- per day NIL
20 Late Payment Charges Rs. 50 or 2% interest on dues whichever is high (from the due date) NIL
21 Meter Not Working Free NIL
22 No Gas Supply Free NIL

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